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The Shudder Effect: Study and Write your Gothic Tale

$60 per student. On the Saturdays of March 26, April 2,9,16 from 11am - 1pm. Located in the conference room. Presented by The Celtic Collaborative.


It's been called "the creep factor" or "the shudder effect" But what makes a story eerie? How does a writer do it?


The Gothic story includes several identifiable elements, the ones that cause your arm and neck hairs to rise.


 In this four week Saturday morning class, students will read and then dissect and discuss Bram Stoker’s Dracula's Guest, Ray Bradbury's The Veldt, and Stephen King's The Night Flier as well as shorter works in class, to discover the structural elements that create the shudder effect.

Once the "shudder effect" formula has been established, students will write their own creepy Gothic story and have the option to read it at a public event organized by the Celtic Collaborative literary arts group (http://www.celticcollab.org/).


Instructor’s Biography.

Jacqueline Hesse has a BA in journalism from the University of MN and an MFA from Hamline University where she was also the MFA graduate assistant, leading the writing workshops for MFA graduates. She teaches literature and writing as an adjunct professor for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. She has ten years of participating in and leading graduate-level writing workshops, and five years of professional critical critique and fiction editing experience. In addition to numerous newspaper and national magazine articles, she has written four middle grade novels, two young adult novels and a handful of short stories. Her agent at Harvey Klinger is currently shopping three of her novels. Her childhood fascination with the gothic and horror continues with her (so far) seven ghost stories for young adults.