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O'Shea Irish Dance

Athleticism & Artistry.

O'Shea Irish Dance is your source for world-class dance training,
solo and team competition, and professional Irish dance and music shows.

O'Shea Irish Dance was founded in 2005 by Cormac O’Se – a native of Dublin, Ireland, and original cast member of Riverdance. O’Se holds a T.C.R.G. (a teacher certification by An Coimisiun in Dublin) and he and his staff instruct preschool through adult in Irish Step Dance and Ceili Dance.


O’Shea Students are active in local, regional, national and world level Feiseanna (Irish dance competitions) and can be found entertaining at corporate events, in touring shows, at the Irish Fair & St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and doing educational demonstrations for local area schools.

Class Descriptions

Classes run year round. 

PreSchool Classes:

A 45-minute music & movement instruction for children ages 3-4, currently in Preschool. We move to Irish music as we practice all of the fundamental elements of Irish Dance in games and rhymes, moving up on our toes for balance, making dance shapes with our feet, music listening skills and learning left and right. Preschool Enrollment is ongoing (as spots are available.)

PreBeginner Classes:

For 4-5 year olds in Kindergarten, we feature a special PreBeginner class, which works towards the dances but is only 45 minutes long. It focuses on rhythm, music phrasing, pre-reel technique with leaping, skipping, and steps sequencing as they learn to listen and respond to the music.

Beginner Classes:

One hour class, ages 5 and up. Students will build strength and establish familiarity with the music as they begin with the fundamentals essential to traditional Irish dance, including foot placement, body alignment and basic steps of Irish Dance. They will learn the easy reel & easy jig in soft shoe.

Primary 1 Classes:

Hour and a half class for children successfully completing their reel and jig. Students will learn the single jig and easy slip-jig concentrating on technique and carriage, with a new focus on timing and listening skills. Students begin hard shoe skills, learning the Easy Treble Jig as they build strength and balance. Team (Ceili) dance basics are introduced.

Primary 2 Classes:

Hour and a forty-five minute class for children completing their four Beginner dances (reel, light jig, single jig and treble Jig.) Students expand their speed and proficiency, completing all the Beginner dances as they add the Hard Reel, and develop the Hard Treble Jig steps and improve technique to complete including the Hornpipe and St. Patrick's Day. Team (Ceili) dance 8-hand is taught.

Intermediate I & II Classes:

Instruction for dancers successfully demonstrating all beginner level dances, with a solid understanding of techniques and steps at/above a Novice & Prizewinner feis level. Students will continue hard shoe skills with emphasis on style, rhythm and timing, moving on to more challenging reels, jigs and hornpipes. At this level students are expected to attend a minimum of two classes a week, and to attend a half hour of barre/core strengthening. Team participation is highly encouraged.

Advanced Classes - Preliminary Champion through Open Championship:

Typically, dancers study a minimum of three to five years to reach advanced classes. Having mastered the essential elements of Irish dance technique, students will be expected to learn quickly, expanding their repertoire of soft and hard shoe dancing to include traditional set dances. At this level students will be training in two to three classes a week. With the highest standard of dance, requiring fitness and commitment, dancers can be brought to compete at the national and international major championships. This is also the beginning of the standard necessary to perform at a professional level.

Competition Ceili/Performance Classes:

Tuesday/Thursdays throughout the year alternate between Team/Ceili dance training for Major Championships and Performance Team Training for the large Public Performances throughout the year. These classes are by invitation only.

Adult Beginner Classes:

Adult step dance with a focus on fitness and form. Traditional dances are taught while combining the aerobic workout of Irish dancing with strength, toning and flexibility.

Adult Advanced Classes:

For Adults with a background in Irish dance, or dancers wishing to expand their knowledge from other dance backgrounds. Soft shoe and hard shoe rhythms and techniques included in an hour and a half class that moves quickly.

Adult Sean Nós (Old Style) and Céilí/Set Dance classes:

We work with Loma Mór to provide further instruction for Adult Beginners wishing to go beyond the basic beginner steps. Sean Nós is an old style hard shoe dance, like Irish Step dance but with a freer form. Céilí and Set Dance are traditional group dances in a fun, social context, with a great cultural tradition.